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This CFP is intended to engage artists/teams with connections or ties to Santa Ana in the design of the historic South Main Street along the 2.5-mile corridor between 1stStreet and Dyer Street to illuminate the perspectives, relationships, and narratives of our community. The goal is to delight residents and visitors who walk along this corridor and unexpectedly discover an inspiring poem, enlightening history about the area, or dazzling artwork on the street.

The CFP includes 3 main categories:

1) Bus Shelter Art will enhance the experience of our transit system as well as be an opportunity to share the history of the surrounding neighborhoods (See “South Main Public Art Themes” at end of CFP). We seek up to 17 artists/teams to create artworks that contribute to the interest and aesthetic appeal of the new shelters through designs that portray the history of the city.

2) Sidewalk Poetry will provide a space for poets and writers to craft a 160-character or fewer poem responding to the theme “What is home?” The poem should reflect on connection to physical or emotional spaces. Let the Santa Ana history and culture be your inspiration.

3) Crosswalk Art will activate public spaces, engage the attention of drivers and pedestrians, and celebrate the history and diverse culture of Santa Ana. We seek up to 18 artists/teams to create art designs that enhance the experience for pedestrians and drivers.


The ideal art design will enhance the corridor, represent Santa Ana’s vibrant arts culture, and promote awareness of the city’s social, cultural, and historical composition. The preferred designs should reflect the history and story of the surrounding neighborhoods. The artwork must be appropriate for all ages and engage with the growing, diverse population in the City of Santa Ana.

The artist/team will not be required to fabricate or install the artwork. The City will coordinate with the artist/team for any assistance needed by the city.

Design Criteria:

· All proposed artwork should be original 2-D drawings or digital renderings only.

· Artwork with stock or copyrighted images in the design will be disqualified.

· Consideration should be given to the architectural, historical, geographical, and socio-culture of the City.

· Artwork/Poetry cannot contain trademark images, logos, tag lines, or be in any way thematically linked to a commercial business, establishment, product, or service. Overt religious and political themes and symbolism will also be declined.

· The City will reject for display works of art that are obscene (as defined by A.C.A. § 5-68-302 et seq.) or violate other State or Federal laws.


A selection panel composed of, but not limited to, arts professionals, City staff, City Commissioners, and local community representatives will review the applications and select a group of finalists. The selection panel will review and evaluate the applications and final design proposals based on criteria that may include but is not limited to the following:

· Artistic merit and originality—including theme and context of the display in terms of scale, form, and content

· Experience creating artwork for public spaces, preferred but not required

· Experience collaborating with public entities (such as schools, cities), preferred but not required

· Track record working within a timeline and budget, preferred but not required

· Santa Ana-based artist/team, preferred but not required

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