It is the goal of the City to develop art projects of the highest caliber that meet the diverse needs of the residents of Santa Ana. The City and its Arts & Culture Office are committed to ensuring that artists are selected in a well-documented and accountable fashion, are well matched to the project, and that the process is flexible and responsive to the project’s needs.

The South Main Public Arts Initiative’s review and approval process is designed to provide for substantial input and participation by representatives from the Public Works Agency, the Arts & Culture Office, Santa Ana City Council, and other stakeholder groups in order to ensure that each project accommodates the requirements of the public place in which it is sited. The following factors will be taken into account in reviewing proposals for new works:

• Artworks will have reasonable maintenance requirements as specified by the artist/team and these requirements shall be compatible with routine city maintenance procedures.

• Artworks will be designed in consideration of public safety.

• The design of artworks will take into consideration issues associated with public spaces such as security, theft, vandalism, etc.

• The design of artworks will take into account the specific needs and use patterns of the public space in which they will be located.

For example in medians and parks, artworks will not block critical view corridors or impede public usage of key open space.

• Refer to “South Main Public Arts Initiative Description” document for specific guidelines regarding the 8 potential art installation ideas.

Application Process - Quick Reference

STEP 1: Submit South Main Project Public Art application online at **You may submit multiple proposals; however, each needs to have its own complete application.**

STEP 2: City staff review packet and verify all requirements have been met in order for application to move on to design review phase.

STEP 3: The Arts & Culture Commission (ACC) reviews designs at their regular meeting. Proposals will be rated and discussed publicly.

STEP 4: ACC ranks designs and applications.

STEP 5: If budget becomes available, city staff selects proposal(s) and conducts interviews with artist(s)/team(s) to discuss implementation and final design features.

STEP 6:Final design submission from artist/team and Agreement between artis/team and the City of Santa Ana.

STEP 7: Artist/Team can move forward with art production and send photo documentation once completed.

City of Santa Ana