City of Santa Ana

Community Development Agency

Mental Health Services Procurement Number 2024-002

Community Based

The City of Santa Ana – Community Development Agency is seeking a Santa Ana community-based non-profit organization to implement mental health services and/or programing for Santa Ana youth. A panel will review completed proposal submittals and award one organization for their proposal. 


Event dates, times, and locations may be subject to change under certain circumstances. 

May 15, 2024 ------------------------------------ Application available on

June 4, 2024 ------------------------------- Applications DUE online by 5:00pm

June 12, 2024 ------------------------------ Organization notified

June 24, 2024 ------------------------------- Program commences


DEADLINE: Tuesday, June 4, 2024 at 5pm (PST)

All questions regarding this application, contact: Julie Castro at

Project Objective/Theme

This Call For Proposals (CFP) is intended to engage a Santa Ana community-based non-profit organization to provide mental health services and/or programing for Santa Ana youth. The grant amount for this program is $50,000. 

The program should focus on youth mental health services such as, but not limited to: mentorship and counseling services, educational mental health workshops, and support resources for anyone experiencing mental health issues. Through providing such services, this program should be able to support and educate its participants in their mental health journeys.


Program Requirements:

· Program should start in June 24, 2024, or sooner, upon execution of agreement with the City.

· Mental Health services: training, workshops, mentoring, counseling, and other life skills.

· Program should include outreach towards populations that have been identified/diagnosed or experiencing mental health issues.

· Applicant needs to maintain insurance coverage approved by the City’s Risk Management office for the duration of the program.


The total budget for this project is $50,000. This allocation is for all costs associated with the program and services.

The City will only qualify proposals that meet all program requirements.

Organization Eligibility

Applicants must be a Santa Ana community based non-profit organization and providing services to Santa Ana residents. Verification will be required. A 501 (c)3 is required, and community-based organizations may apply through a fiscal sponsor with a 501 (c)3.

Selection Process and Evaluation Criteria

The Community Development Agency will preview application for completeness and may reject incomplete applications or non-responsive submissions. 

A separate selection panel may be composed of, but not limited to, City staff. They will review and evaluate the applications based on criteria that may include, but is not limited to, the following:

· Services to be provided

· Organization needs 

· Demonstrated ability to manage projects with similar budgets on time and on budget

Priority will be given to start-up nonprofits that meet either: 1) 501(c)3 non-profits that received the designation within the last five years, or 2) Community based organizations with a fiscal sponsor

Submission Requirements

Application must be submitted via Submittable and will include:

1. Organization, Contract information: Applicants need to include contact name, organization name, physical address, mailing address, telephone, email, website, and fiscal sponsor information if applicable. 

2. Statement of Interest: a brief statement outlining interest and qualifications for this project. This should include your concept for the programming, including any particular services to be offered.

3. Description of Program: describe the services that will be provided, identify the target population to receive services, and the number of participants to be served.  

4. Schedule of Activities/Timeline: Estimated timeline and description of activities proposed for the pilot program.

5. Project Budget: An itemized budget showing the expenses for the program, and a narrative description of each budget line item. 

6. Letters of Support:   A maximum of 3 letters will be accepted. 

7. Additional materials: may be included and is limited to 3 additional pages.

8. References: provide at least one (1) reference from an organization that you have worked with or partnered with in the past.

9. Verification of 501(c)3 Non-profit: upload verification letter for your organization or your fiscal sponsor.

Additional Information

The organization selected through this CFP process must agree to maintain liability insurance, which will insure and indemnify the artist(s) and the City of Santa Ana during the term of the contract and for one year after acceptance of the project, unless the requirement is waived by the City of Santa Ana.

· The City of Santa Ana is not obligated to select an organization from the submitted CFPs and reserves the right to cancel this CFP at any time.

· Submitting an application to this CFP does not constitute an expressed or implied contract.

· Applicants submitting will receive notification of the results of the selection process.

· This CFP is subject to ordinances in effect in the City of Santa Ana. 

City of Santa Ana