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The Community Development Agency has $200,000 available during fiscal year 2023-2024 to sponsor Special Events for eligible applicants whose events and programs support the City’s mission and provide a community benefit. Applicants may apply for up to $15,000.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and funds will be distributed until exhausted. Deadline to submit application is the Monday of the week before the regular Arts & Culture Commission meeting.


Monday – September 11, 2023          Thursday – September 21, 2023

Monday – October 9, 2023               Thursday – October 19, 2023

Monday – November 6, 2023           Thursday – November 16, 2023

Monday – December 11, 2023           Thursday – December 21, 2023

Monday – January 8, 2024                Thursday – January 18, 2024

Monday – February 5, 2024              Thursday – February 15, 2024

Monday – March 11, 2024                  Thursday – March 21, 2024

Monday – April 8, 2024                     Thursday – April 18, 2024

Monday – May 6, 2024                      Thursday – May 16, 2024

A. Ineligible Applicants:
        1. Entities that promote the sale or consumption of tobacco products;
        2. Entities that promote the sale or consumption of illegal drugs;
        3. Entities that promote gambling;
        4. Entities that promote the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages, or that primarily sell alcoholic beverages such as bars, but not including restaurants;
        5. Sexually oriented businesses as defined in Chapter 41, Article XVII of the City Code, and entities that promote the sale or dissemination of erotic materials or services;
        6. Political parties or political advocacy groups;
        7. Events with religious purposes that serve to proselytize;
        8. Inappropriate expenditures such as professional sporting events, alcohol, or jewelry; 

        9. Applicants engaged in active litigation with the City, have outstanding balances with the City, and/or have active code enforcement violations, or a history of multiple code enforcement violations.

B. We do not fund:
       1. Events held, performed, or exhibited outside of the City of Santa Ana;

       2. Events that are not accessible to the public;

       3. Funds going directly into trusts, endowments, or cash reserves;

       4. Events not arts and culture-related.

C. The City shall consider the following non-exclusive criteria:
  1. Whether the event is open to the public;

2. Whether the expenditure is normal and customary;

3. The relationship and importance of the event to the City’s mission;

4. Whether and the extent to which the event will create financial or administrative burdens on the City or require additional personnel;

5. The extent and prominence of communications to the public regarding the event;

6. The aesthetic characteristics of communications to the public regarding the event;

7. Whether the sponsorship will establish, or will be perceived as establishing an inappropriate association;

8. Whether the event is, or will be perceived to be politically oriented; religiously oriented; or offensive to segments of the City’s citizenry;

9. Whether the persons or organizations affiliated with the event manufacture products, take positions, or otherwise engage in activity that is/are inconsistent with local, state, of federal law, or city policies, or city mission

10. Other factors that might undermine public confidence in the city’s impartiality or interfere with the efficient delivery of city services or operations;

11. Whether this grant is used to complete a project that has already been funded through the City (ex: Artist Grant);

12. Whether the applicant failed to comply with other city grant funding requirements.

D. Application submission:
        1. Applicant may apply for only one sponsorship per fiscal year;
        2. Only one application per project will be accepted. Different applicants may not apply separately for the same project;
        3. Applicant may not apply for the same expenses within the same project from different funding sources from the City;
        4. Accepted applications must be approved by a majority of the Arts & Culture Commissioners. In case of a tie, the application will be declined;
        5. Applicant is allowed to re-apply if declined in a round.

        Contact if you have any questions regarding this application.

City of Santa Ana